Monday, December 21, 2009

Communication Makes the World Go Round

Community Member Question:

Most people think that government doesn't listen to what they have to say or at least it was my experiences from other cities. In attending various Community meetings, Council meetings and Planning meetings I have been extremely surprised the City of Fontana has heard my requests and were open to making changes.

I had web changes made by giving information and the location to verify, a speed limit sign posted in a location where there were monitoring speeders, asked for locking shopping cart at one of the local store at the planning commission meeting, when they were discussing the building requirements, and they posted the importance of the visibility for verified response on the city statement and on you tube video (KFONTV) smart kids.

The hardest thing was to get a bus stop moved out of the thorough fare of Citrus and moved to a new turn out cove out of traffic’s way. That was because that is not directly under the cities control, but eventually was moved. How is it that the City of Fontana so open to suggestions and most cities seem to have their own agenda?

City Manager Response:

Thank you for the question. The answer is very simple. Fontana listens to the concerns of its citizens because the Mayor and City Council have made it a priority. The Mayor and City Council view the success of this Community as a partnership between its citizens, its businesses and its government. We can only be successful as a Community if all elements of the Community can be equally successful.