Monday, December 14, 2009

Community Participation is Vital

Community Member Question:

In every city there are issues with gangs and crime. How does Fontana address this issue and what role should the residents play to counter its expansion?

City Manager Response:

The Fontana Police Department has officers trained specifically in the identification and apprehension of illegal street gang members. Once the department is aware of a street gang, they work closely with the San Bernardino County District Attorney to have the court certify the gang and its members as an illegal street gang. Once this process is completed, the gang member receives significant punishment enhancements for the most recent criminal activity.

It is very important that the community work closely with the police department in identifying, not only gang activity, but also any suspicious activity. Police Chief Rod Jones continuously encourages the community to stay involved and stay informed by attending your local community meeting in your neighborhood. These community meetings cover everything from current crime statistics to upcoming community safety fairs.

You can make a difference in your neighborhood and your community by joining your Neighborhood Watch group. If your Neighborhood is interested in starting one if one doesn’t exist, contact the Fontana Police Department at (909)350-7710 for more information.

You can now file a report online anytime of the day by using Coplogic, an online citizen police reporting system at