Friday, January 29, 2010

Community Outreach - City Website

Community Member Question:

I must say the city does a great job on trying to inform the residents, but I have noticed that some residents take videos of special events at council meetings and others that I have spoke to have tried to see their child’s event when the cable program KFONTV comes on at the end of that week. I have found it interesting that some do not know that the meetings are on line at and that one can click on date and then topic to forward to the point of interest. Having the forward bar is a great time saving tool also. I have found it useful to download the segment or meeting of my choice to save time to review past comments. I have read that their will be improvements on the city site. What kind of new features will be added?

City Manager Response:

Thank you for your comments and interest in the City’s website. The video streaming features that you are referring to are indeed unique to our website. We added this feature to provide community members with the ability to watch the videos in the comfort of their own home.

The City is in the process of a major overhaul of the City’s website. This is not just a project to improve the cosmetics of the way our website looks, but to make a fundamental change in the way we use the Internet to provide information and services to our citizens and business community.

Some of the visible changes to the current website you will begin seeing in late spring, early summer are:

· A new look
· User friendly navigational approach
· How do I find... and “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”
· A list of the most popular pages/areas on the site
· Department and consolidated calendars
· Improved search engine
· Process Centers detailing all the steps for citizen services

Behind the scenes, we are automating some of the web page design and development and the approval process for getting it published to the City website. This sophisticated “Content Management System” will make it easier and faster for departments to get information onto their web pages regarding city activities and services. It also sets the stage for us to be able to offer some services directly through the website so community members can access these services from home or work.