Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Curb Address Posting

Community Member Question:

Having read the Verified Response Policy and been in various jobs using addresses for many purposes such as calling in graffiti on side walks, emergency response location at home or abroad, I have found they can benefit us more than I realize. I have spoken to residents that have complained to me that their trash can repair wasn't being done. I spoke to a Burrtec driver and asked why, replying "I can not verify they have an open account because the address isn't visible and therefore service was not done.” I have come to realize after speaking with him that repairs on containers are being called in by the collection drivers to prevent the missing lids from allowing water collection to become a contaminant to the storm drain gutter in addition to preventing waste from flying through out the community. He explained that this is how they inform their dispatch of contaminated cans that are being left for notification of correction, to deliver a better service. Does the City provide the service of Address posting on the curb?

City Manager Response:

Thank you for your question. The answer is no, the City does not provide address painting services.

In the City’s Municipal Code, section 5-239 (posted below) and Section 505.1 of the Fire District Code and the Building Code requires addresses to be "internally illuminated", and posted on each new house constructed within the City. For specific details as to the size and location of those address postings, please contact our Department of Building and Safety at 909-350-7640.

Sec. 5-239. - Posting requirement.
Street numbers shall be conspicuously affixed on each building located within the city. If there is more than one building on a lot and only one number is assigned, the number shall be posted on the principal building or the building nearest the street.
(Code 1968, § 8-23)

As far as the replacement of trash cans, here is a brief summary of how the barrel/bin maintenance requests are handled in the City of Fontana:


Burrtec drivers are responsible for noting any maintenance activities that need to be completed on residential trash barrels and commercial bins. The drivers fill out a maintenance log and submit it to the route supervisor; who then reviews the maintenance log and has administrative personnel input the information into a work order system.

City of Fontana:

Staff from the Public Works Department conducts monthly trash route audits to evaluate the condition of barrels and bins. A report is generated and submitted to Burrtec. Burrtec staff then review the reports and compare that information to their current maintenance logs and note any new issues. An updated maintenance log is forwarded to their maintenance department for repairs.

Residential & Commercial Businesses:

Customers are encouraged to contact Burrtec directly regarding any maintenance needs to their barrels or bins. All maintenance requests are added to the maintenance log and are sent to Burrtec's maintenance department for action.

Burrtec provides a monthly repair/replacement report to the City.

Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

Have you heard all the buzz around town about the 2010 Healthy Lifestyle Challenge?

The goal of this Challenge is to have 2,010 community members sign-up and commit to living a healthier lifestyle in 2010. This year you can join Healthy Fontana and the Mayor and City Council by signing up for the 2010 Healthy Lifestyle Challenge.

By registering at http://www.healthyfontana.org/
you can track your daily physical activity, fruit and vegetable consumption and/or weight and receive points for each day you log-in. Each time you log-in and track your progress, you will receive points and chances to win a prize.

As part of the Healthy Challenge, participants will also register for a 5k event that will take place at the Auto Club Speedway on March 27 at 7:45am. The Mayor and City Council encourage all community members, to sign-up today to participate.

“We can support each other in committing to living a healthier lifestyle in 2010”, said Council Member Acquanetta Warren. “Please join us by signing up today!”

For more information on Healthy Fontana or the 2010 Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, contact Dede Benson, recreation coordinator, at (909) 349-6914 or debenson@fontana.org.

Don’t miss out! Sign-up today!