Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Time to Be Counted!

What is the Census?
Every ten years the United States conducts a census to gather statistics about its population. The census is a ten-question form that is mailed to each household and only takes ten minutes to complete.

The Federal Government consolidates this information and makes program and funding decisions based upon the results obtained during this process.

It is critical to the welfare of all Fontana residents that everyone take time to fill out and return the census form.

What if I don’t fill out the form?
Ten’s of millions of dollars for Fontana can be lost if the community is undercounted. This funding will affect our community’s ability to provide public safety, education, and recreational opportunities within the City.

The information gathered during the census process is also invaluable to our economic development activities and assists us in working toward the creation of more jobs for Fontana.

What happens to your information once you fill out the form?
All of the information collected by the census is confidential and is only used to determine funding for your community.

Please keep an eye on your mailboxes and fill out the form when you receive it. The ten minutes you spend in filling out the form will set the stage for OUR community’s success for the next ten years.

We need your help - Stand up and be counted!