Monday, June 28, 2010

Commonly Asked Questions - Southwest Industrial Park Specific Plan

The City of Fontana has undertaken a process to update the Southwest Industrial Park Specific Plan. This planning area, generally located south of the 10 Freeway and North of Jurupa, needs to be updated to reflect current development issues in the area. A number of community meetings have been held to discuss the planned update.

Additionally, the City of Fontana is looking into the possibility of annexing a county area called the Almond Avenue Annexation Area. This proposed area is generally bordered by the 10 Freeway to the north, Mulberry Avenue to the west, and Almond Avenue to the east.

Following is a list of common questions and answers that have been addressed with the community.

Question No. 1: Why is the City updating the Southwest Industrial Park (SWIP) Specific Plan?
Answer: The SWIP Specific Plan was adopted in 1982 and does not reflect the goals of the City Council for this industrial area.

Question No. 2: How does the SWIP Specific Plan update benefit me as a property owner?
Answer: The new Specific Plan should attract new businesses that will improve the roads and sidewalks in the area.

Question No. 3: My business was approved in the County. Can I keep this business?
Answer: All legally approved businesses once annexed to the City may continue unless the use is abandoned.

Question No. 4: My neighbor’s property has code violations. Can the City help me?
Answer: Yes. The Code Compliance Division will investigate any complaint. Complaints can be filed anonymously, but if you leave your name and number, we can keep you informed of the status. All information is confidential.

Question No. 5: How can I get information about the new SWIP Specific Plan?
Answer: Information on the Specific Plan can be found on line at the following link:
Or, you may contact the SWIP Team as follows:

Craig Bruorton, Principal Planner, at
Dina Lomeli, Planning Technician, at
Shawnika E. Johnson, Assistant Planner, at
Cecilia López- Henderson, Annexation Program Coordinator, at

Question No. 6: Why didn’t the Specific Plan extend east of Citrus Avenue?
Answer: A public policy by the City Council has been discussed and the City Council has decided that the area east of Citrus Avenue is residentially zoned land and should not be in an industrial specific plan.

Question No. 7: Have there been any meetings about the SWIP Specific Plan update?
Answer: Yes. Staff has had several meetings about the environmental impacts and informational meetings concerning the proposed land use concept and permitted uses. All property owners were notified of each meeting.

Question No. 8: Who can I contact to stay updated about the SWIP Specific Plan update, including meetings?
Answer: The City has established a hotline to take your questions. The hotline number is (909) 422-3408. All questions on the hotline are answered by staff.

Question No. 9: What does “annexation” mean?
Answer: Annexation means that your neighborhood would be placed in the City’s limits, and your service provider for land use services, sheriff protection and other services that the County provides would change. If annexed, these services will come from the City.

Question No. 10: Will my taxes increase following annexation?
Answer: No. Property owners in the City pay the same rate of property taxes that property owners pay in the County area. You will see no increase in your property taxes after annexation.

Question No. 11: Will I be able to vote on annexation?
Answer: If an election is necessary, all registered voters in the annexation area will be eligible to vote. The election results will determine whether the area becomes part of the City.

Question No. 12: Who can I contact for more information about the proposed Almond Avenue Annexation?
Answer: An annexation hotline is available to take your questions. The hotline number is (909) 422-3405. All questions on the hotline are answered by staff. Or, you can contact Cecilia López- Henderson, Annexation Program Coordinator, at . Information on the benefits of annexation can be found online at