Wednesday, September 22, 2010

School Traffic

I received this question from a community member regarding traffic around schools.

Having attended community meetings throughout the city, a common problem is traffic around schools during drop off and pick up. What efforts does the city take to control the action of dangerous drivers at his peak times?

Historically, vehicle and pedestrian traffic around school zones is a challenge during the morning and afternoon peak hours. There are approximately 54 schools within the City’s limits. We have been very fortunate in recent years to work directly and closely with the school districts in the planning phases of the schools to accommodate as much traffic on site as practical.

The City of Fontana traffic engineering staff performs a site review of each school and implements a signing and striping plan which is consistent with the California Manual of Traffic Control Devices, specific to school zones. These zones use a variety of warning and regulatory signing as well as advance pavement markings for the motorist. As part of that review pedestrian traffic is also monitored to determine if adult school crossing guards and/or marked school crosswalks are needed. After implementation, our traffic enforcement unit patrols each school zone for compliance. This enforcement is rotational, based on resources. We also find it to be very helpful to meet with the school resource officers to discuss and coordinate specific sites on a monthly basis. This practice is particularly helpful with some of the older school sites which may have limited on-site access.

We are always available and welcome resident input if you see something particular or out of the ordinary around a specific school. Please contact our traffic engineering section at (909) 350-6600.